Miles Harkleroad

Financial Integrity LLC
(773) 380-6500
2825 E Cottonwood Parkway Suite 500 Salt Lake City, UT 84121

Miles focuses on providing a small group of high net worth clients one advisor who can coordinate and orchestrate their financial planning.

Often individuals have had some planning for taxes, investments, retirement, and estate strategies over time, but these fragmented pieces were never properly implemented or coordinated to accomplish their long term goals. Miles helps clients assemble those pieces, augment and add to them, and maintain these essential facets of their total planning moving forward.

A pillar in his practice is providing an exceptional level of customer service by developing long lasting meaningful relationships with clients and their families.

Areas of his practice range from helping clients achieve financial independence, fund college educations for children and grandchildren, provide lasting gifts to charities and future generations, optimize and organize estates to ease transitions to loved ones, preparing for unexpected disabilities, and helping clients achieve their investment goals.

You may run into him climbing the Grand Teton or skiing a coulior in the Chugach Mountains in Alaska in his down time.


Advisory services offered through Capital Analysts or Lincoln Investment, Registered Investment Advisers,
Securities offered through Lincoln Investment, Broker/Dealer, Member FINRA/SIPC
Financial Integrity LLC and the above firms are independent, and are not affiliated.