The Heritage Group is a study group that fosters an environment for personal and professional development. The foundation of the group was created in late 2005 by two aspiring financial service professionals who were eager to demonstrate their leadership abilities and to work on a knowledge sharing platform for their peers. The unique bond shared among the group is the underlying characteristic that each person was introduced into the financial services marketplace by an immediate family member.

Our group binds creative, innovative, hard-working and successful financial professionals together for brief productive meetings. The purpose is to provide mutual support and growth in an educational context where we can broaden our perspective on our industry, our careers, and running our businesses.

Our regular meetings allow us to better serve our clients through the exchange of technology, ideas, and planning techniques. Sharing our broad diversity of resources, perspectives and backgrounds provides expansion of our minds and lives through a open relationship of sharing. Meetings offer a confidential and uninhibited environment where participation is expected by all members.

With the initial support of a more established study group, The Pinnacle Group, our group was able to grow into the entity it is today. We truly appreciate the support and guidance provided to us by all of the Pinnacle Group members.


Nashville, TN


Heritage Group meetings are held in the fall and spring of each year at various locations across the country with members taking turns hosting these meetings. Each meeting features select guests that are invited to speak before the group.

The Heritage Group will meet February 19-21, 2020 in Nashville, TN.

Meeting Coordinator:   Miles Harkleroad

Airport Information:

Nashville International Airport (BNA)

Hotel Information:

Fairlane Hotel
401 Union Street Nashville, TN 37219
(615) 988-8511



Be Honest

Be Present at each meeting on the agenda

Be Prepared

Be Respectful

Be Timely

Be Sharing

Be Involved

Be Attentive

Process for Issues and Group Disagreements:


Resolve as a Group

Don't Take Personally

Get Over It/Move On

Encourage Growth. Respect each Member's own Method of Growth.